As festival organisers we recognise that like every industry live events have a direct impact on the local and wider environment. Every decision we make includes an assessment of how it could be achieved in a more sustainable way.

Here are some of the ways in which we try to be more sustainable:

  • Assess environmental impact at the start of the planning process
  • Including sustainability clauses in contracts with our suppliers
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible
  • Communicating electronically rather than by paper
  • Minimising the impact of travel
Person cycling on a road.


In order to reduce the need for and impact of travel, wherever possible we:

  • Use video calls when physical meetings with travel aren’t vital
  • Provide any accommodation within walking distance of the venue
  • Encourage the public to walk, cycle, take the bus or other forms of public transport
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We aim to work with environmentally conscious and sustainable suppliers:

  • That our main suppliers aim to procure from local businesses, to reduce carbon footprints
  • Supplier’s must comply with the event organiser’s waste management requirements

Food Retailers

Our aim is to have as many locally based retailers as possible, that

  • Serve fresh produce in season
  • Source produce of ‘assurance standards’, such as Red Tractor, LEAF Marque or DEFRA registered
  • Fish from sustainably managed and local sources
  • Retail and promote seafood that is from healthy stocks and responsible caught
  • Use fairly traded products, such as coffee, tea, bananas and chocolate
  • Ensure they provide vegetarian or vegan options and choices suited to specific dietary requirements
  • Work with wholesale who share our values
  • Use no plastic straws, cutlery…or polystyrene
  • Only use bottled water from recycled materials
Keep the cycle going recycling bin.


We work closely with our waste supplier to provide and promote recycling solutions across the festival:

  • We avoid excessive paper by working electronically
  • Use paper that is recycled
  • We use double sided printing and non-glossy, recycled paper
  • Clearly labelled bins to help us recycle more
  • Any waste that cannot be recycled will be turned into clean energy
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Raising Awareness

We make our stakeholders aware of the sustainability measures being taken to improve the image and reputation of the event.

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