The Little Chef’s Den curated by The Little Gloster. Nurturing future foodies!

August 21st 2023

Nurturing Future Foodies

Among the festival’s highlights is the eagerly anticipated Little Chefs Den, not just a fun activity but an oportunity to nurture future food enthusiasts. Children between the ages of 7-15 will be able to step into the shoes of chefs, explore the magic of ingredients and embrace the art of cooking. Curated by Ben and Holly Cooke from The Little Gloster Cookery School, and with four different classes to book each day, ‘The Little Chefs Den’ offers an opportunity to inspire and spark your child’s imagination & confidence in the kitchen, as well as offer them a chance to hang out (& even take a few selfies!) with industry greats Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall & Chris Bavin.

With four classes each day click HERE to find out more and book.

Ben & Holly Cooke: Cooking Up Creativity on the Isle of Wight

The Little Gloster has been a journey rooted in family heritage. Ben Cooke’s journey into the culinary arts began at a young age, nurtured by his Danish grandmother’s influence and her extensive experience in the world of hospitality. Her impact left an indelible mark on Ben’s culinary aspirations. His early exposure to the bustling kitchens of his grandmother’s workplace ignited his fascination with cooking. His professional journey took him through classical French and English culinary training and later, international experiences with Michelin-starred chefs from around the globe. Ben’s culinary philosophy was shaped by the need to adapt to ever-changing climates and locales, leading him to embrace the significance of seasonal and local ingredients.

Holly Cooke: From the Arts to Gastronomy. Holly Cooke’s path was woven through the world of arts, media, and luxury events. Her pursuit of a fine arts education at Central Saint Martins set the stage for her creativity to flourish. Over time, she transitioned into media-based roles, delving into photography and luxury cosmetics and fragrance PR. Her experiences working with prestigious brands honed her skills in managing press launches and events, which became instrumental in her future endeavours.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Ben, leading her to the Isle of Wight and into the culinary world. Holly’s unique background brought a fresh perspective to their shared venture. As a wonderful home cook, experienced pasta maker & creative background Holly brings another dimension to Ben’s classes and hosts a good few herself. With over thirty five years combined experience in the industry, we are really excited to have them join us at The Great Wight Bite. 



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